Wednesday, 8 June 2016


In reading, we have been learning about visualising and how to use this strategy to help us understand what we are reading. Mags created a cool poster sharing what she has learnt about visualising!


  1. Hi Margot, You're visualising infographic is a good learning tool since it is a eye catching thing. But the only problem is that all the colours are a little bit to much that my eyes just want to look at the colors and not the writing. Do you think the same about the colors?
    From, Madisyn

  2. Hi Mags, I really like the ways that you did on your visualising, how did you make that?

  3. Hi Margot, It’s Ashlee. I like your presentation and the colours are great. There could've been a example of what visualising is. How long did this take? Bye

  4. Hello Margot, I extremely like the poster you made on visualising. I like how you made the colours blend in with the background. How long did you take to make it?

  5. Hello Margot,
    This post is really helpful and I understood a lot! I’ve also had quite a lot of problems trying to visualise when I was little. I think this post would help a lot of people. But the problem I see is that are you sure the font will suit the writing?
    Good Job!
    Thank you
    From Jacqueline

  6. Hi Margot, I Like Your Visualising Infographic. It looks amazing and your words and titles stand out but you should use some other colors from red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple and pink?